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Orion Techgen Top Web Development Company In India We specialize in creating stunning websites, offering top-notch design, development, and maintenance services. From startups to industry giants, we’ve got you covered

Your #1 Resource for Sales

Your website is unquestionably the number one resource that buyers use for evaluating your company, products and services– often times before ever speaking with a sales rep. A website performs many jobs: brand ambassador, product/service educator, 24/7 digital sales rep and customer caretaker — all in one. Therefore it should have the capacity to nurture buyers along every stage of the buyer’s journey and measurably support deeper engagement to drive sales.

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Let us know about you and your goals.

Web Development Services

We provide top quality development services that have been shown to consistently match the needs of our clients. Our expert development team works tirelessly to create the website of your dreams and constantly boost your business.

Ecommerce Web Development

Ecommerce Web Development

We offer custom ecommerce website development services and can create any universal and unique features needed for smooth customer journeys. Whatever business or technology model you have, we offer just the right expertise to do the job flawlessly. Ecommerce solutions created and maintained by Orion Techgen are quick, & stable

CMS Website Development

CMS Website Development

Here at Orion Techgen, we offer a broad range of CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, etc. Our team of skilled CMS developers provides quality assistance with this beloved technology, thereby bringing your ideal website to life!

PHP Website Development

PHP Website Development

Being one of the leading PHP development firms, our success is a result of our devoted PHP programmers. We employ tools like MySQL, Cake PHP, Zend, and other technologies that make it possible to build attractive websites that deliver on their promise of a pleasurable user experience.

Web App Development

Web App Development

Our expert team of designers & developers can deliver high-quality, responsive web apps tailored to our client's different needs and requirements from various frontiers.

Web Portals

Web Portals

We build web portals that automatically assemble data from business systems and serve as a source of current knowledge and assistance for users.

UI / UX Design and Development

UI / UX Design and Development

As one of the prominent UI/UX development company, we take an innovative approach that engages from competitive analysis to interactive prototype to create robust and user-friendly outputs.

Custom Website Development

Custom Website Development

We strive to develop customized responsive web development solutions, not cookie-cutter projects. Each website we develop is truly unique. No two are ever identical. Our custom web builds do not rely on templates, plugins or “found code.” This allows us to provide you with a customized, user-friendly, stable and reliable website.

Static (HTML) Website

Static (HTML) Website

If you’re in search of an easy, yet innovative kind of website and you are looking for a simple yet creative website, then Static Website is the best choice for your company. With content and pages that are fixed These websites are fastest to design and are ready to go live the next day.

 Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Our Website Maintenance Services are currently specialized in designed website and are up to date at keeping the website services which is why we provide our clients with fast acting, experienced and approachable website maintenance services

Why Should You Go For Web Development?

As people spend more than 8 hours a day searching on the Internet, every business should have a web presence. Having a website for any type of business offers plenty of benefits, which are as follows:

Accessibility and Convenience

Website are accessible from any device with an internet connection and a browser. This universal accessibility makes them convenient for both businesses and users. With web apps, you can reach your audience anytime, anywhere, without the need for complex installations.

Get Discovered Online

Spending your time and money on conversion-focused web design is a effective way to establish your online presence and increase your online visibility. A website that is optimized will have more online visibility and draws the most targeted target audience.

Higher Search Rankings

Search engines such as Google look at the website’s speed, accessibility and content on the internet as indicators of a website’s value. SEO-friendly websites that offer a good user experience and responsive layout have a higher chance of being ranked at the top of the list than websites that do not meet these important factors.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Compared to traditional software development, web app development often proves to be more cost-effective. Businesses can avoid the expenses associated with developing separate applications for various platforms and operating systems. A single web app can serve multiple platforms, reducing development and maintenance costs.

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So, how we do it. The process.

With expertise in working with modern web technologies, our agile web developers can help you build uniquely powerful websites, web portals, progressive web applications, etc., to help your business stand out from the intense market competition.

The process


This is a prerequisite because if the project details are unclear then it will cause unnecessary rework resulting in extending timeline and budget. Our professional web development companies can help you avoid the same.


In the initial stage of the process of developing a website we will responsible for creating the information that allows customers to assess what the website will appear. Based on the data that was collected in the first stage, the sitemap was built.


In the process of designing when your website’s design is completed, it takes shape. The entire visual content including images, images and videos are created during this phase. Also all the information that was collected in the first stage is essential.


The static elements of the web page which were developed during layout and mock-up creation process should be developed and tested. Then, features that are unique and interactive features are added. A thorough understanding of each web development technology you’ll be using is vital at this stage.

Testing & Launch

Testing is the most common element of a procedure. Every link needs to be checked to ensure that there aren’t broken links in them. Every form, every script, and use a spell-checking program to identify possible errors. Utilize code validation tools to verify whether your code conforms to latest web standard.

Why Choose Orion Techgen ?

Worked with global clients for many projects in diverse industry domains.

Well trained and highly skilled team to obtain successful results.

Goal oriented and result driven SEO agency with certified SEO team.

Full transparency in work & clear targets for on-time delivery of projects.

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